Illustration Friday: Help

Publié le 17 Décembre 2006

This image is a collaborative drawing that we created with other drawers on Draw Over: a collaborative drawing website.
"Help" is probably the last word that this sweet animal could say.

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J... 20/12/2006 02:44

That is absolute bullshit: you should be ashamed of killing kitties this way and you should be lawyered for that blasphem ! God bless kitties !

God bless kitties !

God bless kitties !

God bless kitties !

katsta 17/12/2006 03:59

ohhhh.. pauvre petite bête.. :(
bien realisé quand meme ;)

Howard Larson 17/12/2006 03:01

Aw, that poor creature.

Several weeks ago, driving on my way to work, I noticed that my usual route was backed up with traffic. An unusual occurance.

I soon discovered the reason: There was a small deer lying in the roadway. Obviously struck by a passing car.

As I drew closer, a van coming towards us steered around the animal, upon which it jumped up and fell down.

I was right there and thought, "It's alive. It will not survive if left there."

So, I pulled over onto the shoulder and ran back to the animal. All the other traffic stopped and waited.

I took hold of the deer's hooves and pulled it off the road onto the grassy shoulder. It seemed to realize I was helping not hurting.

It laid still with it's eyes closed. One hoof was braced against the turf putting tension on it's shoulder. I released the hoof and observed it for a minute. Traffic was starting to go by now.

I left it there in the grass and went on my way.

When I came home that night, the animal was gone.